Thursday, August 9, 2012



I am as excited to hold this ticket, as when I hit play on my favorite silver Sony tape recorder for their first record in 1992.
Their 20th anniversary tour in 2010, also in the Fox Theatre, was a 3+hr concert. Beyond magical.
I love you, tacubos.
El puñal y el corazón: "Todo este sudor que echamos como músicos se lo queremos dedicar a toda la gente en latinoamérica que esta haciendo algo por que las cosas sucedan mejor"
[we would like to dedicate all the sweat we produce as musicians, to all the people in Latin America that are doing something to make things better]
-Cafe Tacuba MTV Unplugged, 1995.

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/from the archives, previously posted October, 2009: Chica banda


  1. How was the show? I love Cafe Tacube, especially SiNo. I've watched Un Viaje on DVD too and their shows look exciting.

    1. thx Dale! it was awesome, they are FANTASTIC live. I'm in love with their music since I was 9, the longest love relationship ever... :)
      They just came out with new material, have yet to check it out. I wonder if their 20th anniv. tour is out on DVD, would love to check that.

  2. >sigh< how did I miss this? I need to pay more attention to shows coming to the Bay Area.
    also- 3+ hours? awesome. I'd be happy with just 1 hour, anything more is a bonus

    1. aw, yea - they were AMAZING. this time unlike the 3+hrs from their 20th tour 2 years ago, was a bit shorter but equally genius as they are.
      i love music, so there are a few good things happening ater this year. next up is an awesome show in SJ, you like lila downs? :)
      saludos y queso xxom


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