Saturday, September 8, 2012

fotos with a t-max one hundred.

Hola all.
Loaded the 35mm camera with a roll of t-max 100 / 36 exposure expired film (apr.2006) a few weekends ago. Mi friend Muffin and I walked throughout a few neighborhoods of the city +just got the prints back from Photoworks, couldn't wait to share some.
The t-max is "The world's finest grained 100-speedblack-and-white film." -[Kodak]


- - -
These were just quick snaps taken with mi mobile phone of the matte photos themselves (HTC Evo).
Have a grand weekend.


  1. These are stunning - really love those first two especially (well bikes and the bridge - anyone who knows me, knows I love those two things (&cats) more than anything else material). Thanks for sharing x

    1. thx georgie. I'm so excited for you, will be roaming these lands soon :) xxom

  2. Love them Meli!! I am finishing an Ektar 100 and a Kodak 400 B&W... I am loving film more and more as I continue learning & trying :) xxx

    1. that's fantastic! looking forward to see some of your images if you share them<3 xxom

  3. Those are all wonderful! I love all the squares in that last photo. What camera did you use to shoot them originally?

    Here are a few of my favorite shots I've taken on TMax:

    Also, you may very well know this already, but I also have a photography blog at

    Oh, and I'm soon to be in possession of another typewriter :)

    1. oh i love them, hadn't seen the 2011 i was entirely removed from most online (+real) worlds. thx so much for sharing, luv all your ig feed and season changes.
      i use a camera i bought in the late 90s, it is a veryvery basic 35mm with a minolta lens, the brand is kalimar. not sure if known at all but is how i learn the manual 35mm and i have repaired it twice even after shops have told me aint worth it... anyways, went the other day to look for expired film here at one of the last few retail camera places and the man showed me a few options to get new accessories, well they are used but new - at very good prices. so that may be the next step. do you have any lens recommendations/experiences with macro/zoom lenses for 35mm? keep me posted.
      we certainly have a bikecatbloggiefriends35mm society going on :)

      dottie, pat, richie(sans cat), ade, you +i, am i forgetting more?!..

    2. Patrick (sans cat, but plus kiddo), Velouria from Lovely Bicycle (though she mostly shoots 120 film, I guess) :)

      In terms of 35mm cameras, I have a Ricoh Singlex TLS that was my dad's, plus a full complement of lenses, and a Nikon FM2n with two lenses (50mm and 105mm). They are both fantastic cameras, very simple, all mechanical except the light meter.

      Come to think of it, I have a Nikon FG-20 that's just gathering dust in my apartment, just because it needs the foam around the film door re-done (slight light leaks). Do you want it? That would give you the ability to use Nikon lenses, which can be quite good, and are easy to find. It's not an exceptional camera, but it is pretty good - I think it's a mid-80's camera body. Here are some shots I took with it before I got the FM2n:

      I can also send a 43-86mm zoom lens with it that I'm planning to get rid of anyway, as it's become kind of redundant for me.

      Anyway, if you want it, just let me know :)

    3. I beg your pardon, I have a cat (Willy, looks just like Velcro). He's just old and never gets on Instagram.

      -- Patrick

    4. Oh, well then :) Sorry Willy! :)

  4. meli, didnt know you were shooting film, we should do a filmmswap xoxo p

  5. ^^^ thats me, patrick barber! my account doesnt show.

    1. thx patrick, yes started shooting again last year after repairing a mean light leak +mainly while completely away from the web to keep some creative outlet flowing. was extremely therapeutic, and remains to be.
      y yes, let's do it -- I'd love to!


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