Friday, October 26, 2012

Los pumpkins

Gimme a pumpkin
The last week in October is pumpin-flavored.
Halloween-theme events, sportsfans and locals are in good spirits.

Weather has been extremely nice with a bit of rain, some crazy beautiful skies lately. I have been walking a lot and something there is almost a secret sidewalk language about decorated pumpkins. They are kind of funny.

Half Moon Bay Pumpin Festival 2012
This world-famous festival is super fun. I was so happy my GF Muffin and I got to attend this year, the weather was fantastic. My favorite part of it was the pumpkin-flavored beer. Sounds weird but it wasn't as sweet as I had initially imagined, which is good for a sunny day in the mid-70s°F. Mid-October, yes that sun felt great for once. It is California after all..
proud adult moments.
Proud adult moments. Tasted the Harvest Moon pumpkin ale, pretty good.
Pumpkin bread +pie. Ate them both like a chammp (not the same day though..)
Pumpkin everything
Familiar faces
Familiar faces.

**The pumpkin patches (their decorations are beyond cute) between the west end of Highway 92 +Half Moon Bay are pretty awesome, we didn't stop but we are tempted to go back before October ends.
I have found the official Half Moon Bay pumpkin patch map! Here: Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Patches and Local Area Farms

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