Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Screen shot 2012-10-15 at 11.20.38 PM
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/above: two screenshots from the promo short film.

I came across this post about the film that was made for the new Nikon D4.
I'm no Nikon savvy person, but I do know the wanderlusting element of curiosity.

The making-of video is here if you have 11 minutes here via vimeo, it is worth it. Film director Corey Rich explains the "gathering great content to tell a story" in it alongside with his staff. Also very interesting locations shot both at day+night time in Joshua Tree, California, Utah +Veracruz, Mexico.
The aerial and night vision over dusk of the Utah mt biker woman is beyond stunning.
"The only constant in my life, is that there is no constant" -Dane Jackson /Kayaker
Here is the short promo film, check it out:

/Nikon - WHY from Corey Rich on Vimeo.

This video(s) and the thick layer of the exploratory curiosity in all of us at different levels, reminds me to wonder and ask when was the last moment I made myself available to be positioned in a magical moment?

I believe that the path to happiness exists within us, but often we are the ones to get distracted, segwayed or hold ourselves from it. But deep down we do know it exists, it's there and we are the ones that can control weather or not we find it.

via Petapixel, source by © Corey Rich Productions.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Great for my lunch break on a busy day stuck at the computer. Really reminds me how much I need to get out more and do the things I love to do.

    1. and thanks to you andy :)
      that is so nice to hear, glad you enjoyed it, I love finding+sharing things like this.

  2. great vid! couldn't say it any better than you and the protagonists. embrace those breif moments =D thanx meli

    1. y thx to you nio! it's such a nice find :)


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