Saturday, November 10, 2012

cyberchisme: weekend edition

Another bike angel to be amongst us
+ Ellen Fletcher (1928-2012)
An outstanding human being passes, Richard over at +the East Bay Bike Coalition have beautiful, touching posts. She will be missed.

A dose of cool/curioust/adorable links
+ Post-election recycables: Toby's Coroplast Panniers +Fenders via BikeJuju ← Ramona this has your name all over it.

+ The cutest little stories in boxes 

+ Beyoncé in wonderland.

+ Almost certain this docpop's foto coins the cutest San Francisco foto this year: An army of high fives

+ The SF Bike Coalition will begin handing out bike blinkie nights in the next few weeks - where? they will not say. Read about it on SFist and on the chain of events.

+ Dia de los muertos mailer by local SF studio noise 13 on designworklife: Heath Newton Halloween Mailer

+ The weekender: a US Election special with sad people and happy people ← Mission Bike video included.

+ Velcro is the coding master around here, and she is joined by the Cats of engineering. OMG.
Meeting is over. Carry on.
Meeting is over. Carry on.

Indie buying +indiegogo links
If you are already ready for the Holiday season, here are some products that are independently owned as well as a few kickstarter things around the web and in the inbox I'd like to share:

+ GOBHA CLOTHING // San Francisco, California. // shop:
"We make all our products here in San Francisco and are finding a great response from local cyclists. Our most original hat was designed specifically for cycling to work in San Francisco. It is a reversible hat (designed for our reversible weather!). One side is a water-repellant soft-shell fabric from Switzerland that keeps you dry as you cycle through the fog and drizzle and the other side is a super soft merino wool that wicks moisture from the inside to keep you feeling fresh and warm."

+ RESOURCE REVIVAL // Mosier, Oregon // shop:
"We create fun, functional products from recycled bicycle parts. Every year, bike shops all over the United States send us tons of tons of greasy used parts. Our team of artists tinkers with them until new products are born."

+ INDIEGOGO: ICEDOT // Tulsa, Oklahoma //
"So, over at Indiegogo (ICEDOT), we are raising funds to get our new Crash Sensor produced. What's a "crash sensor," you ask? Great question. It's a small device that we've developed to pair with your smart phone, and attaches to your cycling helmet to detect impacts. If an impact is severe enough, it starts a countdown on your phone. If the countdown isn't disabled, your phone notifies your emergency contacts that you've been in a crash – with your GPS coordinates."
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/Started to rain, but just a little.
Have a grand weekend everybody -xxom

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  1. i do like those recycled campaign sign bike accoutrements! and quigley the cat! and the high fives! and icedot! thank you love. xxoo


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