Monday, November 26, 2012


Buenos días, for those of us not cyber Mondaying, here some chisme:

+ This past Saturday at around noon, was so incredible to eat our sandwiches sitting at the table across from Carlos Santana +his wife. What a couple, I mean this legendary man has RADIANT skin. Something is glowing with those two.
This happened 40 miles north of the city in Point Reyes, he has lived in Marin for a long time and past encounters have been a few years ago at the Warriors game during a Latino night culture/special event. Another time him +friends happened to be crossing the streets in front of us in North Beach's Washington square.
I could be extremely shy to say hello to celebrities so maybe the 4x time would be the charm for me to ask for a foto...
Santana's Universal Tone Tour hits Bristow, VA on July 25, 2010
/photo by © Melodic Rock Concerts

+ Speaking of celebrities, about a week ago Adam Savage [MythBusters] tweeted a photo of his missing +emotional valuable bag from a car break-in. Met him back in 2009 on Mission and named that post 'Do not try this at home'. I'm sure I had no idea back then that @donttrythis is his actual twitter handle... :)
If you are a fan of the show +live in San Francisco, is pretty likely you'll run into him or the hottie Kari Byron at some point.

+ Infographics estilo 1969: An Illustrated Vintage Bicycle Safety Manual circa 1969

+ Chuey fundraisers continue, the latest by soil saloon. photos +video are now up via platyjo: soil saloon fundraisin' for chuey

+ Good things do start with the M in Mondays: mezcal Mondays by Gilbert Marquez [Mercado on 4th] ← Any readers from Santa Monica?

/"Gimondi_1" by © eye magazine

+ Design+bicycles, a quick look by EYE magazine into what makes this machine+design a great combination: two wheels good

+ If you are flexible +looking for a waiter gig, look no further [west portal]

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