Friday, November 16, 2012

film, beans y typewriters

Analog y online friendships.
Coffee y mail.
Important for the soul.
Just as crucial during one's day
as the ability to step away
from it all.

From a slightly rainy San Francisco, mi sincere gratitude to poetas +his lady +kittehz in portlandia.

[testing. this is mi first mobile upload via blogger app.]


  1. So glad it made it to you all intact! I hope the camera serves you well! The coffee is just a bonus, because... well, who needs a reason for coffee? :) Hope you enjoy them both immensely!

  2. :-) the sound and feel of a film camera. Esp on a slow shutter speed. Enjoy x

    1. mi first one was purchased 10+years ago and I still have it. I am so stoked to have an additional one to explore different things, function +lens, yes, very much agree with you.
      the whole process for slow, quality things for film, and+or life, is in itself self-therapy and good all around.

  3. Interesting still life. And I totally get it.


with coffee in hand, sincere thanks for your readership ×