Friday, November 9, 2012

How many people cycle to work in your state?

I was emailed this insightful info, not sure if some of you have seen it previously but thought I'd share.
The infographic and info [sic] were sent in by Luke  C.
-thanks :)

How many people cycle to work in your state?  
So if you’re in the DC area, you’ve got the ultimate bragging rights when it comes to biking. You see according to a recent study by the Alliance for Biking and Walking, our Country’s capital ranks first for the most bike commuters by population.  
With over 3% of people choosing their bike over a car, DC easily took the win. But before you get too down on your own state, it’s important to remember that DC is pretty much just one big urban sprawl. 
When it came to the rest of the states, one seemed to shine above the rest. That’s right, those coffee loving, fixy riding Oregonians. With almost twice the proportion as its nearest rival, Oregon really set the bar high for being a “pedal friendly region” – over 37,000 bike commuters. 
An Upward Trend 
But besides these inter-state rivals there’s something else that this study revealed. Overall there’s a rising trend in the number of bike commuters across the county. Some states have even seen their numbers double over the past 5 years. If you’re a bike commuter, you should be jumping up and down.  
You see, beyond the natural plus of more riding buddies, a rise in bike commuters means a rise in funding, which will naturally equate to larger road shoulders and a safer commute. And a safer commute hopefully means more riding buddies. 
Folks, the trend is catching on. Bike commuting is on the rise and it’s only a matter of time until us pedal-pushers take over the world! To see your own states stats, check out the  below.  
Find Out How Your State Ranks 
How many people cycle to work in your state? ››
Click image to open interactive version (via BikeGuard).

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