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nueva york y cuba

Some of the links +sites, twitter and Etc., Thought I'd share some of the ones I've been glued to+read constantly:

MTA photo stream
The MTA has a frequently uploaded set of daily pictures here: MTAPhotos
"On Friday, November 11, 2012, New York City Transit employees at Dyckman Street pumped water out of Upper Manhattan's section of the A Line. © Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin."
Casey and Sandy
I've been a huge fan of Casey's work for his curiosity-what-if why-not awesomeness. 
Here is the latest video he produced during Sandy. His twitter feed is a must @CaseyNeistat
/His twitter feed pics, latest today on Staten Island:

"do not try this. also, i know i spelled incident wrong. but thank you for letting me know that over and over again. you see, in addition to the entire city being flooded we also lost electricity. editing video is tricky with no electricity. most of this video was edited at a starbucks in harlem, where there was electricity and some corners were cut. all that and i can't spell very well. i really did think incident was spelled with two e's." 

Jimmy Kimmel is riding big wheels in Brooklyn. 

I love Jimmy, more than he loves Guillermo in drag. 

Speaking of Samsung, also this:
And the Avett brothers played this week: The Avett Brothers with the Brooklyn Philharmonic Perform "I and Love and You"

As a long-time reader of her blog, she is pretty much straight-forward with her thoughts and yes she is awesome. I'd like to share her site (again, if I haven't already many times) because with the recent marathon cancellation/postponement – when we think of runners and marathon participants, we often tend to think of certain runner stereotype Etc., and she has openly shared her thoughts+feelings about if the NYmarathon was to happen as well as if cancellation happened.
"From the second the news was announced, and for the next few hours, everything exploded -- my facebook, twitter, phone, blog comments... Many were apologetic, sorry for me that I couldn't run. Some were surprised. Others were angry. But I think most were relieved." -The Marathon Diaries, Part 10: Canceled
She is a woman that has proven time+time again, that she has overcome not only weight +confidence challenges, but to prove that you can do it because (in her words) "the only person stopping you, is you".
free waffles courtesy of Jet Blue!
© by *Bitch Cakes* // "free waffles courtesy of Jet Blue! this line was even longer than the dry ice line!"
never saw so many buses in my life
© by *Bitch Cakes* // "never saw so many buses in my life"
I also love seeing her mural pictures and everyday NY/Brooklyn snaps, YOU GO GIRL graffiti.
Read that +much more: +her marathon posts here: [labes: Marathon]

An interesting perspective from parenting+memory: For Adults, a Catastrophe. For Children, a Memory. by KJ DELL'ANTONIA

How We Can Redesign New York’s Unsafe Shoreline by Tim Maly

Design Work Life
JC Lemon Photography: Exploring Powerless Manhattan

New York magazine
You should take a look at @nymag's powerful new cover.   on Twitpic
via @TheAtlanticWire

Not often mentioned by the media, one has to do a little digging on the cyberspace to find Carribean +Cuba reports, also hit pretty hard by Sandy.
The Guardain / Hurricane Sandy: it hit the Caribbean too, you know
Reuters / Cubans start cleanup of Hurricane Sandy destruction
NBCnews / Sandy slams Cuba; 'high impact' likely in US Northeast

Reporting from San Francisco, our thoughts are with the east coast all+any one affected by Sandy.
Okay, that is all for now. Stay strong +be together.
Fist pump for the weekend!
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