Monday, December 3, 2012

Just so you Knowles: Don't mess with Texas...

Solange Knowles +her orange bike
Because today has been such a good day, I'm taking advantage with these shiny forces of the universe. Sun, Sol, Solange: this bright lone star with great music genes +showing that celebrities are just like us, well at least sometimes, out in town +with their bikes.

Solange has a very fun fashion style, she was featured in Vogue's 'Best Looks of 2012". La CTX is working on a plan to raid her closet (+maybe now her bike too!) +we have enjoyed exchanging myriads of images +links this whole year ogling over her what-she-wore fotos around the internets. I like to see her doing her own thing while slowly separating herself from her big sister's shadow.
We are fans.

In the 2012 set, she is wearing beautifully tailored outfits, colour +patterns bursts, DJing +above she is spotted walking her bike –big red purse included– along the Hudson River, NYC // via Vogue: Solange Knowles's Best Looks of the Year

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Just recently, Beyoncé published on her site a few fotos of her riding a bike in Marfa, Texas. [Oct, 2012: B is for Beyoncé]



  1. YES WE ARE BIG FANS!! you out there reading this solange?! love you.

  2. i also just wanna say that i absolutely love this post. ok, that is all :)

  3. I'm in love. Do you think she might, you know, let me ride her bike?

  4. haa awesome!! i knew you all were big fans of la britney :))

    1. I MEAN SOLANGE!! -- damn you not auto correct... LOL


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