Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simpler times.

That is what Eric, a dear friend of wrote to me in an email shared late last year.

Eric is one of our favorite riding buddies in our local circle of riding pals in San Francisco. He's always got the right snacks and wise words to share. I haven't gone in any social or long distance rides in the U.S in over 2 years (went to a couple last year in Mexico) but I appreciate his continuing emotional support throughout happy and sad times.

I know when and if the time comes for me to get on a bike again, he, amongst good friends will be more than happy to join me. Eric is always sending me nice emails and notes, so I just wanted to take the time to share this, almost poetic, Dutch video.

I do miss that social and beautiful energy of riding with friends but I am overwhelmed with emotions as I continue to heal and recover from very difficult times, memories and loss.
My priority is to find a peaceful life, a very slow pace and glad to accept my different perspective in this life – which keeps going and developing day by day.

/Say hello to Eric, he blogs at: Classic lightweight bikes & rides


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