Saturday, January 25, 2014

Books, breakfast burritos y cafecito: Atwater Village, Los Angeles (June, 2012).


Over mi breakfast burrito this morning, I started thinking about great spots for breakfast burritos outside my family+relatives kitchens, of course.
In 2012, during a short weekend getaway to Los Angeles, we visited this hole in the wall for the second time in the Atwater Village, a neighborhood in Los Angeles located northeast neighboring Griffith Park and Silverlake. I first pleased my belly there with papa-veggie-love as suggested by la Ratta awhile before that.
“All burritos have cheese”. –– Everything should have cheese.

As pointed out by my mom, this place appeared in a Bourdain episode (her celebrity author/TV boyfriend) I guess that is pretty good, as it provides a ton of business to smaller mom/pop places.
The papas in those burritos ARE super deliciosas, have yet to find another place similar to Tacos Villa Corona. I chatted with one of the women for a second in Spanish and she gave me a sticker, she said “just please dont stick it around our place, it is for elsewhere than here, OKAY?” :) –– Sí, OK pues, I replied.

Anyways, walking around Atwater was a bit of a challenge, I think that day was in the mid 90°s F.
A bookstore.
Kaldi was a cute coffee shop. Caldi means hot in Italian, indeed it was!

Just wanted to share a few pictures, from that summer morning in 2012.

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