Sunday, January 19, 2014

Saturday de walking y art reception.

Hi. Thought I'd share some of the restful energies with you, brought by this 3-day weekend in mi little corner of the san universe. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is observed tomorrow Monday and will try to do my best to sleep in, french press coffee at home 2x, then go to a movie theater for a dose of Hollywood visual cholesterol with a side of buttery popcorn and DiCaprio eye candy.

Yesterday the day was tremendously clear, sunny, dry, strange but we'll take it. 70°F is even rare during summer. Anyways after having a solid dose of coffee, there were a few miles to be walked.

This knowledgeable wall has been up for quite sometime. I suspect it may change soon.
This is kitty corner from Pinterest HQ.

Behind me is one of the two entrances to the concourse. The last time I stood here to take a picture I had frenchie with me, foto taken minutes before I started riding home and got beyond drenched in the rain, with a mean flat. That was at the end of 2010.
Potrero Hill gets PH balanced. This is a cross fit studio, the sign says. Letters done by known Graffiti artist Ben Eine (London).

In a not so distant past, I spent long mornings, nights, and tremendous. I loved my time at this school and the tremendous growth I experienced. Mi alma mater, they have since officially removed and Crafts at the end of its name.
* …If you are a typographical case of OCD like I am, you can still see that the beam where Arts once rested in the right hand side, is a bit longer than its opposite end, where California sits. Also, from the center of the building, it can be clear that approx. 8 letters on the left (orange 1/3 side of the bldg) versus 3 on the right (white 1/3 side of the bldg) throw the whole thing off balance.

Arch is one of my ultimate favorite art supply stores in the world, heavily focused on design tools and needs for the various CCAC design programs. And a bunch of other super cute paper, and Otto – the adorable boston terrier running the show. Had not been in a few years, they are currently celebrating their 10th anniversary. Love you, Arch.

I have yet to visit Phillip's RideSFO store, he goes on super cool mountain rides on the weekends and closes the shop.
These little flowers just around the corner from Bottom of the Hill were just cute. Like they are saying hello or something. Good small venue, I haven't been there in awhile, maybe soon.
Then got home and chilled out for most of the day, watched basketball and read a bit. Found in my to-read magazine and readers pile this great article about San Antonio. I have been to Austin and would love to go back to visit Texas again. La Calitexican y Volker were just there a few weeks ago, and she brought me a beautiful letterpressed coaster from Ocho. It is graphically beautiful. – Gracias :)
Later in the evening we got to check out the Opening for “The Mission Condition: Outwardly Mobile,” “Site In Progress,” & “Florecer” at the Red Poppy Arthouse, one of my few favorite artistic communities in the city, featuring the art by my favorite woman muralist in town: Mona Caron.
This was a display dedicated to AIDS, or by an AIDS group, regret forgetting to write down its info, was behind in the corner. Beautiful masks.
The tree piece was amazing.
Mingle time around the mural and the installation. Read more about it here: Redpoppyarthouse.

After the reception we walked over to La Taquería and I had a burrito with a tecate. Afterwards we were feeling a bit festive because of 3 days off and stuffed our faces with a delicious slice of Mission Pie (had the pear frangipane) and a cup of coffee.

Trying a new uploading method qhich seems a bit quicker/easier, the blogger platform may not be the friendliest plug-in site, so there is a tab in [insert fotos] which lets me just select from the phone. It's pretty easy but they don't link back to flickr, where most of my pics have lived for years. We'll see.
After having my HTC Evo and repairing twice, was sadly cheaper to get a new phone than to replace/repair what it needed. I have a Nexus 5 now and like it quite a bit so far.
All photos were taken with my mobile.

That's all for now, have a great weekend.
– xxomeli.

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  1. Makes me think of the motto back when I was riding bikes around your neighborhood in the 80's: "Never Leave the Mission." There are worse philosophies...


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