Sunday, November 8, 2015

bike lanes in orange county: ”Youth movement nets $2 million for bike lanes in Santa Ana” via the @ocregister

this is so great: santa ana, california is close to mi < 3
the OC is not what one often/mostly sees on tv, a community full of great people y large latin@ population ×


  1. Wooaaah thank you for sharing, this story ROCKS! I love that the youth are grown up now, in college, and seeing the fruits of their labor. I love that generations to come in the community will be able to have access to this. "Soon after, the youth started meeting with city planners to advocate for protected bike lanes, and city planners asked the youth to identify three target projects." So empowering, and I gotta say, I'm so proud when I see high-up gov't/political figures listening to black/brown leadership in the community.

    1. thank you jeannie! I echo every word of sentiment in your comment, i also feel, maybe esp w people not from the CA that certain counties and areas are thought of so rich/or whatever is seen on TV etc, in particular from OC or other areas in Los Angeles are SO diverse and doing great things in the community, knowing many friends close to me, that are from mexi/japanese/and panamenian background but originally from santa ana, anaheim and other parts of LA -many multi generational californians- it is SO important to share all these stories, esp this one. thanks so much =]


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