Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bikes and Crafts: Renegade Craft Fair

This past Sunday I strolled over Ft.Mason (Northside of the city) to check out lovely displays of arts and craft goodies. Such good weather, loads of handmade fanatics were out at this sweet event. Met loads of very creative people from all over the country and here are some of my favorites!
I met Erica, from SteelToeStudios, based out of Seattle. Cogs make pretty belt buckles.
For their belts, they have worked (Im not sure if always) with Alchemy Goods, also from Seattle.

Adrienne from Arcane Arts is a doll. Loved her bicicleta drawings, specially. Muy nice!
We talked about Portland (where she is currently based) bike culture, a little bit about Guadalajara, México (in the state of Jalisco) and the bicycle connection-relationship these two cities have. (more info about these two sister cities to come in the near future)

cute Mucca Pazza band boys!

Hugh D'Andrade and his wife, Mati Rose
I was very happy to meet them both in peson, as I have been collecting some of (his) work throughout the years. I was introduced to Mati's work. Her illustrations are lovely. My favorite (from hugh) is the winterfest 2007 postcard (on my desk, & because I had a lot of fun at that event/SF bike coalition). Also bought a shirt with that same bike medusa gal graphic for myself. Mati's etsy shop, which is listed under her website, is super cute. Links: -his- -hers-

Check out his illustration is on the current cover of the Communication Arts Annual. Congrats!

The Frenchie made some new pals.

y bikes everywhere.

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