Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This Saturday, July 19th: Tour de Fat

The Sprockettes - Handsome Little Devils
Tour de Fat 2007 / (both) Originally uploaded by davegolden

Beers ‹or Beverages›, Bikes and Bonita people /// Mark your calendars for a fun event. Although it is sponsored by Fat Tire Beer (New Belgium Brewing) it is a family oriented festival. Everyone is welcome. Their 10 Commandments:
  1. Put no means of transport before thy bike.
  2. Honor all other bikes.
  3. May every generation come forth
  4. Thous shall come as a participant not a spectator
  5. Thou shalt not bring booze
  6. New Belgium shalt not profit
  7. Remember the purpose, and bring not your pooches
  8. Keep the day true with thy good juju
  9. Thou shall rise early
  10. Thou shalt not steal thy neighbors' bike
From the SF Bike Coalition Tour de Fat link //more info HERE
Now we know what you are much is this grand fete going to cost me? The answer is nothing! We are all about FREE! is this a fund raiser? All proceeds from beer sales ($5 for 16 oz.) will benefit the San Francisco Bike Coalition, and The Bay Area Ridge Trail Council. We'll bring the beer and you just bring your bike! (FREE Valet bike parking provided--of course!)

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