Monday, July 14, 2008

Rides in the city: Marin

This Saturday we (4 cats) ended up doing an estimated 40 mile ride ‹Marin county-north of San Francisco and beyond the Golden Gate bridge.›
Flooded with a pepto-bismol army everywhere, I mean everywhere, we managed to squeeze by to ride to get our paws on some coffee, ride some more, catch a beer, then head home for some food and some evening chilling. No ferry involved. Weather was great and people watching was even better. Saturdays are nice.
Green button is NW side of the city. Start: The Presidio Park
Google gadget indicated 37 mi. but could be a bit more.

This, TIMES 20 trillion. Good cause though. AVON breast walk

Boobarellas (plastiqué detail, okay...)

Halfway to Hell nets once hung from here.

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