Friday, July 11, 2008

Rides in the city: Wednesday nights

The Butter lap is a weekly wednesday night ride that meets in the Ferry Building and loops around the north side of the city. I recently briefly met a number of very nice & mellow riders with a good vibe of energy, sharing their love for riding. I look forward make it to one of their rides soon, if work-schedule works out.
The Butter Lap; Wednesday Night ride. 7PM. Meets @Ferry Bldg front entrance.

Bicicletas at the Ferry bldg. See you soon!


  1. wow, that looks like an amazing ride. i had only wished to have ridden that before i left sf.

    btw, i'm tagging you

  2. sos argentina (por soda stereo)? muy bueno el blog, interesante. soy fanàtico de las vintage bycicles.


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