Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mint Plaza fix

Blue Bottle Coffee pit stop. They now have a few locations around the city. I hear that soon the cart in the Ferry Plaza will be moving indoors soon. Also served around SF in many places, restaurants etc. There's this article here with better inside pictures. This is the Mint Plaza location, downtown. Very nice area now, it has changed tremendously in the last few years, looks nice.



Japanese fancy

americano goodiness


  1. Hey, Meli.

    I SOOOO want that coffee siphon!

    When you come to Austin next, let me know and I will paint you!

    ~Lavanna Martin

  2. awesome!! i♥austin coffee shops

  3. Mint Plaza has changed a bit over the years? You have a gift for understatement! After seeing this post I decided to take a bike trip to the plaza and check it out. The last time I remember being in there was in 1992 when two guys tried to hijack my motorcycle!! So to see no drug dealers, to smell no urine, to sit out and enjoy the space (!!!!) was completely mind blowing and made me feel like a tourist! I love it when my city surprises me!


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