Friday, October 17, 2008

Quattro Barrel Coffee

Stopped by Four Barrel Coffee in the Missionland and it is a very nice location. Run by the co-founder of Ritual Coffee, he now has this pretty awesome place to get your fix on. Good, good coffee with a beautiful exposed beam-roof, donuts, lots of tattoos and a dose of art on the walls. And good people watching from their large windows. Not sure if they have an official website yet, only have found stuff on the 7x7 bits+bites blog. I'm liking.
with this wild lady of mine. coffee addicts of all ages are hooked


  1. Hey, Meli.

    I have relatives in Fairfax. I'm planning a painting trip, soon.

    Would you provide a list of coffee houses that would be good to paint at?

    Thanks, Lavanna.
    ps:I'll try and paint you while I'm out there.

  2. wow, fairfax. one of my favorite towns in Marin.
    i'll give you a list soon :)

  3. ...there isn't a single bike rack on the entire block of Four Barrels... thanks, City!

    But yes, A+++:
    - great coffee (Stumptown- wha!)
    - atmosphere (nice design, no internet = people conversing)
    - friendly staff (no pretension).

    All superb... if only a bike rack was out front in the non-parking spot...

  4. Hi mcas, thanks! :)

    yes & yes! - And they also have those yummy treats from dynamo (Cop Diet Special
    ) I was so happy to find out they also carry stumptown!! Sweet.


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