Thursday, January 8, 2009

Watch your step

This is from 2005 (I think?). Hauling it felt as if it was 900lbs :P

Wanderlusting sometime ago, I ran out of shortcuts to avoid some massive hills. I decided I could just 'haul' my bike, the smurfette, up the steps (ahem 3-4 blocks) and be done with it.
It made me realize to never underestimate steps when carrying a bike and in my case, a dislike for walking -Why walk, when you can ride ;) I admit it, I'll make the exception for mi mom on our loop/walks around the city. This time, we started at Ft.Mason, cut through the steps and ended up in Japan town.

A little bird told me you don't like walking. Shhh bird.

On a clear day you can see plenty of Marin county, Alcatraz etc.


  1. Yikes - carrying your bike up that far!! The golden heart is pretty

  2. That view always takes my breath away--so beautiful, then and now! I would be terrified about riding my bike down those hills though--yikes! How do you do it?

  3. An excellent adventure! Love the shot with the heart and you bent slightly. There is something very cute about that. I would have loved to see you lifting the bike over your head in victory, in the first shot. But maybe just surviving the climb is victory enough.

  4. san/ I know right?! I think Im in far better shape than back then, but I'd still give it some thought before doing it again :P

    maryJo/ Yes the views! I couldn't agree with you more. I've gotten a lot wiser about the routes throughout the years, there's always a way around them ;) One block over could make such a difference!

    spiderlegGreen/ aw ♥thanks so much! mom still uses the camera's viewfinder so you can imagine her trying to get me 'in the picture' LOL. You know, that's a good picture idea, I'll def. keep that in mind ;)


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