Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A break from the rain

About an hour after this, it started pouring again. Rain is good, I love the rain. 
Looks nice here but it was soooo windy.
Never too windy for a quick ride & a coffee break, right ;-)


  1. Diggin' the tights Meli, ride on and stay dry!

  2. Those are such cool tights! you always look so fashionable on your bike.

  3. the tights and Hunters.. it so reminds me of Paris and our walks along the chestnut lined streets by the river.

    you really would love to ride your frenchie in france.

  4. looks like you were prepared..are those rain boots?..anyway I like them and dig the tights too!

  5. placidcasual/cyclingteacherguy/ ♥!!

    sanSmith/ thanks doll :)

    chiara kael/ thats a great eye-that picture (landscape rather) is calling my name, right now

    riding pretty/ yes they are :) they are a short-hunter boot ;)
    It's very beautiful how it can be sunny and clear, then next thing is pouring. Is that how it is too in SC at the moment?

    gina/ thank you♥!

  6. how do you take all these photos of yourself?

  7. Thats what friends are for! :)
    Well most of them (if not all) have been

    If not I'll ask someone that seems to be nice-doesn't hurt to ask.
    Often it gets some kind of small chat rolling about bikes or coffee, meet cute boys etc. Im not good at all with self-timer things, Im either outside the photo or look as if I drank lime juice...


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