Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Photo del dia: Orange with coffee

Market st./10th
Because the best part asides the cute boots and sweet ride is, the coffee love of course!‹or tea› _click on image to view larger


  1. *Sigh* I wish I saw this kind of thing around my neck of the woods more often (or ever). Cargo bikes have not really caught on down here.

  2. What an awesome photo! Cool dude has his beverage, his ride and his clothes all in order, even has an umbrella for the weather!

  3. So many panniers and space to stow and carry things but no coffee mug holder.

  4. I'm so impressed with his coffee holding! I find that unless I'm riding a bike with coaster breaks, I always end up spilling all over myself. Even if I have my super duper travel mug! What I'll usually do is put the mug in my basket, sort of propped up with books and such. And only if I'm going to school. Otherwise, I'll just go somewhere and take care of my coffee business:)

  5. howdy all, i've been wondering when i might be noticed by this lovely blog.

    @thom: i am from your neck of the woods. compared to sd sf is a lot nicer for cycling but it is nowhere near the more civilized standards of real cycle culture like in amsterdam. and cargo bikes haven't really caught on here either. i've only seen one bakfiets and one christiania on the streets here. as far as i know i have the only batavus. her name is orangina.

    @groover: there is a coffee mug holder. look closer at the blue coffe mug mounted on the steering column. my morning cup went stale so i got a refresher blue bottle drip.

    @miss sarah: coaster brakes help as well as a proper upright position and a more leisurely pedal pace. spilling is not allowed.

  6. orangina&fietsplotation this is great! thanks for stopping by! I had to actually stop for a sec. as I almost got blown off that polk/market intersection!
    blue bottle, boys & bikes-now we are talking

    thom/ maybe in the near future, you never know. I had no idea there was a hillcrest farmers market, perhaps an increase in bikes is next?...

    groover/ I could never do that, Im a spill master, I probably make a big mess before even placing it in any holder!!

    whatisaw/ ♥yes!

  7. @fietsploitation- Nope. There are at least 3 other Batavus' in SF. A black Personal Bike owned by Jeff at Ocean Cyclery, his wife's Soccorro and my Soccorro (here is a picture of it with heavy duty child seat and Soma cup holder!)

  8. Nice bike. I'm more and more with ya(Fiet...) on leisurely pace. Now, I just have get out the door quicker, so I can take my time.


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