Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Special delivery from an European snow castle in a place far-far away...
Much needed TLC for my much neglected smurfette. I plan to ride my road bike a lot more this year than ever, because, why not. It is a beautiful steel frame with some very nice old-school components and it spends most of the time jealous of the Frenchie. Anyways – She got much love from the sweet boys over at Freewheel on Hayes st. You guys rock. Testing how that vicious cranky crank is behaving soon. Riding in progress.


Off to new adventures with deers, the steepest hills in SF and roaming around Marin County. Watchout now...


  1. when we crossed over the golden gate bridge i spoke with a couple who bike every day from sausolito.. what a commute.. you have such nice trails.. when we get back to sanfran i plan on biking the 1 highway by muir woods...your torpado is so lucky..

  2. Yay, Smurfette!! So great with the flower.

  3. Smurfette is a class act... just like it's owner. :)

    I might be buying a bike with drop bars, soon... because it's a Kabuki. How many bikes are too many???

  4. ChiaraKael/ yeah, I never take for granted the multiple playgrounds here for all types of bike lovers. The whole bay has great routes, which personally I plan to explore soon and expand my experience as an overall cyclist.
    That'd be great if you do, please keep me posted if you do visit :)

    Dottie/ ♥something about our love for our blue bikes eh!?
    those little flowers made me smile all day

    SpiderLegGreen/ that's very sweet, thanks!
    Really? no doubt, I'm with you – the more bikes the merrier

  5. ! deer? where do you go see deer??

    and also-- lovely photos, as always.

  6. ahhh....Marin....say hello for me. I look forward to living even more vicariously through you and your bicycles!

  7. glad to see you on the torpado. the brooks saddle is a nice touch. i hope you kept the original brake levers to use on your next retro road bike project :)

    marin has great roads... and now that you're becoming a roadie you should join me next time i'm out there, i plan on riding to the top of mt. tam again.

  8. baristatomic/ those lovely little ones ar all over Marin county (north of SF). That from long ago, I snapped while taking a break at a very small town. Thanks for the nice comments & stopping by

    sigrid/ oh yes, I'll def. will for you!!

    c_c_rider/ yo? roadie-Frenchie forever!! haa, no ok maybe sometimes. This is the only roadie accessory I'll need next, I was just letting a pal know about it: road 'soda' Look at you, lycra lover roadie. nice legs :)

  9. I love the fresh flowers on your smurfette--that is the best thing ever!

  10. I love that you name your bike Smurfette!

  11. how is it riding on those pedals in "normal" shoes? i love yr bici's look! i still hate going up the steep hills, but going to marin is totes worth it!

  12. mike/ thanks! somehow I ended up with two blue bikes :D
    The one I use 99% of the time though is the Frenchie, that has almost no white.

    the calitexican/ That day I picked it up I actually walked. I'm a clipless novice, but Marin and going the distance for rolling hills around the whole bay is def. worth it. I have a pair of sidi's shoes I have only used once, I have leg warmers and socks that cover half of them, so they appear semi-normal :P Updates on that later on...

  13. maryJo/ I know right! It was the sweetest little surprise in a long time♥


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