Monday, April 13, 2009

Boys, bags, bikes, Etc.

Of course I was paying close attention to the tour. I didn't notice all the bags and packs varities until I was uploading the pictures. Mostly guys, that is just a coincidence, really.

Omar loves brown chrome bags and to next to him a super cool patch -I♥LIFE-

Stripes and a Banjo Brother.

What a lovely vest!

Say queso!

Kirk's kusin has exquisite style. I was fascinated by all the patterns. Nice to see you both again!


  1. Ha, ha - "put the fun between your legs." :)

  2. loud and brightly clear. indeed.

  3. nice to see you too! sorry we didn't get to chat and ride. i hear this upcoming weekend is going to be nice if you wanna ride around. & how fun running into the mythbuster. kirk's kusin was also starstruck with that pic.

  4. awesome! yes, thatd be great


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