Monday, April 13, 2009

Mission Bike tour

Where was the city's first amusement park located? What street did the railroad run down? Which park sits upon a disinterred Jewish Cemetery? These questions and so many more will be answered on the Mission's Secret History Bike Tour. /Excerpt from chain of events

The Mission's Secret History Bike Tour met at the corner of Dolores Park on 18th this past Saturday. It was a gorgeous day and it was a pretty good size group on wheels. We learned very cool details about the Mission historic landmarks and some great information about specific spots dating pre-1905 earthquake. Such things, can always be learned in local history books but a group of bicycles and a good tour guide always enhances the experience to the next level.

The first stop /2oth and Church

The view /2oth and Church

Mission outdoor pool /19th and Linda

Mission Dolores. Misión San Francisco de Asís was founded June 29, 1776 /16th and Dolores

and the usual le suspect.

Learning about the first SF amusement park 1866-1892
NO. 454 WOODWARD'S GARDENS - R. B. Woodward opened his gardens to the public in 1866 as an amusement park catering to all tastes, and it remained San Francisco's most popular resort until it closed in 1892. The Gardens once occupied the block bounded by Mission, Duboce, Valencia, and 14th Streets, the main entrance was on Mission. Location: SW corner of Mission and Duboce Sts, San Francisco. /From: CERES State Historical Landmarks for San Francisco County


  1. Great trip, honestly I wish that I were not there ;)

  2. I just want to tell you how much I love your blog! I often swing by your blog & the beauty & simplicity of your shots always make me smile.

    I really wanted to make the ride but couldn't get my lame self out of bed & then I had elsewhere to be.

  3. Stumbled across this blog. what joy. Amazingly well crafted photos with incredible light.

  4. Hey, next time I want to go, too! : )

  5. you are too cute for words. Def, more shots of yourself!

  6. I always like a good history lesson. Learn on!

  7. lavinka/ Oh it'd be great to have you ;)

    amandeep/ Thank you for such nice and sincere comments. That is very nice of you. I'll make it to one of the flashdances soon ;)

    Welcome Philip! Thanks for stopping by and your kind words.

    adrienne/ woman, Im calling you next time. I thought you were still out of town ;/

    MamaVee/ oh♥thank you!!

    CyclingTeacherGuy/ :D history on wheels rocks!

  8. If you dig this sort of thing, you might want to check out Historic Walks in San Francisco. 18 good excuses to get out in the City and get to know it better...

  9. chestery/ yes!! those tours are great fun stuff ;D have you ever been to one?
    thanx for dropping by +sharing the link


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