Monday, April 27, 2009

Friday Coffee Brake

I love this photo!
Kicking it with Busbozo in the Hayes/Octavia street. Caffeinated session with comfy bikes, big sunglasses and cute shoes. The weather looks very nice in pictures, but the winds were getting pretty brutal. We sat in the shade, and it was under 50°!! (The Batavus has a temperature gadget. Cool)

Post Quad Latte. Yeah. It's mid-Friday

Glove love.

Double trouble comes in double green and orange.
The gals that took this picture were heading to the Golden Gate Park & the DeYoung Museum. Makes it very nice to find out what people are up to or where they are visiting from, with a simple hello or taking pictures. We have no problem initiating conversations with people. Is that a bicycle caffeinated trade?

Simple and very fashionable. Aren't those trousers great?

ciao. adios /'Til next time!


  1. Give me details: addresses of good coffee shop for our coffee fixes next week since you are quite the authority on this. :-) Touring California - yeah!

    Love your outfits.

  2. what a great blog based on bikes, boys y coffee - three things a girl cannot live without : )

  3. Love it! Not too many bikes that you can ride in white pants on! I want to see a picture of the temperature gizmo! ;-)


  4. Looking Good Ladies! Where oh where are the riding gloves from? Luv 'em.

  5. Those gloves are hot to death! Where did she get them from?

  6. Yes, show us the temperature thingy.

  7. Lovin' it all!!!

    Ummm... "and it was under 50°!!" Come on now gf ~ seriously?☺♡

  8. Gloves- they are leather belaying gloves (rock climbing). My actual bike gloves are used for kayaking. Purchased @ REI

    Thermometer- a camping thermometer/ compass key chain that hangs from my handlebar bag. Eddie Bauer.

    48*- Yep. When we got up, we both had numb feet and I was actually shivering. We were so into the conversation we didn't notice! : )

  9. i wish fashion people were as "talkative easy" ! por qué es tan difícil entablar conversación con la gente de moda?? ... sigh*

  10. Oh, she's classy!!

    Both the bike and your new friend. :)

  11. Thanks Adrienne for providing the glove fans the info ;)

    Groover/ seriously? you'll be in my Golden state?! Im so excited - Ill email you soon ;) (I can get that from your blog right?)

    miriam/ ♥right?! Glad you found it ;) Thanx for stopping by!

    2whls3spds/ she is classy like that.

    RidingPretty/ thanks Shelly ;D

    Sakkis/ ♥!!

    Rat Trap/ Ill post a picture sometime in the future for your gadgety eye candy ;)

    Sigrid/ Oh Iknow-Iknow it sounds nothing brutal in comparison to the cruel midwest winter ;P but you know we have no 'summers' here. The closer to summer, the more fog & low temps. So enjoy your well-deserved summer!!

    bobble bee/ I cant imagine, must be throat-cutting crazyness

    RJ/ ♥Thank you dear!! yes, Adrienne rocks. Very happy our ‹bike› paths have crossed ;D

  12. Me encanta la fotografía, naranja y verde queda genial.Un saludo

  13. I love your header so much it's beyond ridiculous
    and not like a comment like oh "I like your header"
    like it's the greatest one I've ever seen on any blog
    did you design it?

  14. Where are you M? We need our BATC fix!

  15. Great pictures - looks like a fun day!

  16. joshylola/ muchas gracias ;) igual, muchos saludos

    Lea/ ♥oh thank you!! yes I made it from day1. Its a collage combination of my drawings, pictures, my legs, a poster and other things

    Lee/ Im right here ;P

    Dottie/ certainly was! -thanks love

  17. How cool to see the two of you together! We should all do a coffee ride sometime!


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