Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fast little green skirt

This little one was flying up and down the whole Embarcadero area. This was from a few weeks ago while I was drinking some iced coffee sitting on the cement waiting for Omar. She flew passed me a few times and was so full of energy and full of style. Green outfit, cute little bike and chucks zig-zaging every sidewalk. Ride on kiddo!!


  1. Hola! no habia visto éstas fotografías! está lindisima... muy linda la niña con su bici... :)

    muy linda toma...

    está como para afiche de alguna pelicula o video clip.

    saludos Meligrosa.

  2. Look at those white tires!--oh how she's gonna be a heart-breaker.

  3. Francisca/ Gracias! es una muy buena idea -ya que iba muy muy rapido, lindura de nena ;D

    Lee/ right?! I totally agree

    Yokota Fritz/ ♥absolutely!!

    Dottie/ :D my fave part is her matching socks. oh just great-


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