Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hump Day Inspiration: Tandemtastic!!

This little surprise package I received was the cause of a gigantic smile. I'll be wearing this sweet gift soon :) Oh I'm in love with this neckalce♥!!!
The details in this Aussie-designed piece are just beyond impeccable. You are able to see what's in the basket and the adorable designer's pet, whose name is Duffy. My cat Velcro won't get jealous at all, the dog is on a fabulous tandem afterall. So cute
Tandem Necklace - by Polli

Thank you ♥!!!


  1. Pretty!

    Just saw a dog on the back of a tandem the other day too.

  2. Wow, what an amazing piece of art!! Can't wait to see you model it for us.

  3. Qué regalo más lindo... se pasó...


  4. Holy Cow!!! That is fantastic! I love the headlight : )

  5. Wow, that is an amazing necklace!

  6. Hell yeah that's an amazing necklace! are they for sale? I'm all the way down...

  7. Christa/ I know right?! such cute little details

    Lynn/ oh, soon soon ;D

    Francisca/ que te parece? muy especial el detalle, lindo.

    Adrienne/ its details are amazing, you'll see it in person soon ;)

    Dottie/ Thanks!! I love it!!

    Mekuh/ I believe there are a number of stores that carry their pieces throughout the US, but Im sure you can find out more info, from their site

    YokotaFritz/ ♥-blush-!! heee he


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