Friday, May 1, 2009

Frenchie Superstar

Dusty and I. EF yea!!!!
This is -If I can do it, you can do it- post. So watch out. Hot as hell (San Francisco hot, let's say in the lower 80°s) Two old-school steel rides with baskets. No lycra, no gizmos and no worries. The steepest little deep hills your postcard iconography cannot describe and even a happy-tourist nice lady cheering 'Great job you two!!' Much appreciated. I think we were the only pair trolling around Marin without a Scuba-Steve gettup (full on lycra suit) and we could've been a pair of friends smashing these hills in the 1970's.
This is a trip to the tip of the Marin Headlands. It's pretty high up there. I never thought of myself as being capable of climbing these big ones any time soon. Nevermind with the Frenchie. Yes. It made it all the way to the top like a trooper, with a few stops to cool off. The brakes gave me more confidence than ever (there's that little oh-shit steep as heel downhill, oh man.)
Well, here you go. All it took was 'Oh hey, let's ride to Marin and then go to the beach' (in my head I was thinking coffee instead of headlands, but well. We are in San Francisco, and we are all masters at riding hills) Hellz yes.

[All photos by Dusty]


  1. That's awesome! I'm was thinking of doing some headlands wandering myself in a weekend or so. Steel ride, a handful of gears, and a front rack and bag in lieu of a basket! Thrift-store trousers, sneakers, and a T. Good to go!

    Btw, you really oughta organize a BATC ride at some point.

  2. It ain't the bike, it's all you, chica!

  3. i love love love that pic of you from behind going down the hill. your bright cute little dress against the headlands. so fab!

    this reminds me of the time i went on a SFBC ride to pacifica. I showed up at the coffee house with my denim overals and my mountain bike. and older dude in his head to toe lycra, and a bike that i'm sure cost more than my car asked me if i was sure i could make it. it was wonderful later in the ride when i passed him going over one of the massive hills.

  4. i agree with lee. only bikes with baskets ride!

  5. i've always wanted to do the ride down to muir woods and back up again.. in jeans flip flops and a tank top... your ride looks like xtra fun.

  6. damn!

    H trained on them thar hills in all his lycra glory. Maybe someday you two can have a ride off...

    As for me...this was my ride...
    the car

  7. Beautiful outfit, beautiful bike!

  8. i confess that i've only ever biked that route fully clad in lycra, but oh how i miss it! your pictures just brought back some very nice memories. thank you. and i *love* that dress!

  9. I love that one-way road to Cronkhite! Looks like you had fun!

  10. Lee/ oh you should go for it, I was plenty intimidated. Not anymore ;) and if you do share some pics!
    BATC ride -Iknow, Iknow soon my dear, soon.

    adrienne/ ♥weeeeeee!

    dazzlyn/ oh thanks so much! I bet you look super, how dare he?! thats what he gets ;P

    calitexican/ basket lovers unite!!

    chiara kael/ thanks! yes -it was so fun! I can see you breezing thru in a super cute cruiser

    sigrid/ Oh nice, is that one of those oldies 2002? love your dog! thatd be great, tell H Im down -and you're coming too!! :)

    dottie/ thanks luv!!

    jj/ thank you!! and Im okay with that, you know I have nothing against lycra at all, just the fact that I dont use it ;D I know some of those cats are just starting their 60 mile 'little' ride *sigh* oh wow.

    KT/ oh yea ;P I was cracking up the whole way, happier on downhills!!

  11. stella and frenchie <3 bff 4 ever


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