Friday, May 1, 2009

Handle with care

The hands guide your bicycle, you steer in different directions.
You press yes. You hit send. You redial.
With my hands I hold my coffee mug every morning. I draw and write thoughts on paper everyday. I wave hello, blow kisses, apply the sunscreen, high-five, flip off, get greasy, smell like hippie lotion, initiate a hug, fix a flat and are more than often too jittery.
Lend a hand to your hand. After all we can't spread the love if we don't love ourselves first, right? Or something like that. Oh, what a task. Take a minute this Friday to thank your hands for all the tasks they complete and beyond. xoxo/

Meligrosa's bracelet.

Old Canon.

Two fingers.

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My hands through David's eye. A salute to vs.Goliath
All pictures used with permission. Property of the man behind


  1. You know? I haven't thanked my hands recently. They do a lot.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I love it! Yes, thank you for the reminder. :D Let's be happy we're healthy, living, and able to ride our bikes!

    Happy Friday to you, too!

  3. Meligrosa,

    Where did you get the cool bike chain bracelet? Did you make it or buy it somewhere?

    Cyclin' Missy

  4. Charlotte/ you're very welcome!

    Jeannie/ yay! thanks luv :)

    Cycling'Missy/ I made it, yes. I was inspired when I saw the cool stuff by the folks over at Resource RevivalAdrienne/ ♥

  5. Hadn't read your blog in a while. Thanks for the props Meli. ;)



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