Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photo(s) del dia: Meet Úna

She is my favorite young San Franciscan girl. An absolute sweetheart with a beautiful bicycle that she named Blue. Baskets, blue bikes, and stories about shoes. That's just the beginning. We got plenty of stuff to talk about while riding our bikes around the city.

Sf Bicycles: Blue and trikesaurus

Úna & a peep toeing busbozo


  1. Where did you find this precious jewel? And let me know how to get on the waiting list for your finishing school... we have a good candidate who will be ready in about ten years.

  2. adrienne/ a lovely sweet monster -

    amandeep/ oh no haaaa!! but Id be overlyflattered. she is almost as tall as me, she will be a tall heartbraker.

    fifi flowers/ isnt great?!

    patrick/ she is beyond gorgeous isnt she?! OMG thatd be such an amazing story <3


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