Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shoulder stay or shoulder go

Hello my loves. I took some time off to get some body parts in a new sync and recharge batteries. Yes, I missed you too. & thanks for all the recent comments and emails I have received. Got lots of posts coming, including a fab blog collab with a wonderful woman, caffeinated updates and all things bicycletists. xoxomeligrosa

Red legged panda trolls the bike lane.


  1. Meligrosa-- you look absolutely smashing in your panda!

    I recently read about a project a college student undertook to use photography to make helmets seem sexy.

    I loved the idea-- but the photos weren't quite working for me. But Meligrosa-- you make that helmet look sexy! Would it be alright if I shared your photo (and credited and linked you) on my blog?

  2. ♥oh my RJ -thanks so much for such nice compliments!!!
    of course, always feel free to use-link any of the pics here. thanks for checking, very nice of you!
    ;D Sounds like fun

  3. Hi Meligrosa,
    I love your blog and have just got myself an old red bike which I'm really excited about riding. Could you tell me which type of Bell your helmet is? I think it looks really good and I'm having trouble finding one I like.

  4. Hi Kate!! thanks so much for such lovely comments :D
    you know, I couldnt say what type of Bell it is (fusion or ghisallo) I liked the fit, and its airy-factor. some models I had difficulties fitting around the top of my head. but this one seemed to fit fine :D good luck helmet hunting!


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