Monday, June 1, 2009

Bike the Ride. Maker Faire way.

A morning 19-mile bike ride was organized by the Rock The Bike! crew. We met at Dolores Park in San Francisco and rode all the way down the peninsula to San Mateo for the Maker Faire. I must say, it was a great view once I turned the corner of 18th and saw a huge crowd. Wonderful. The pace was very nice for the first few miles. Everybody's energy was good, people around the Mission were asking what this was all about and suddenly we were down by Bayshore blvd.

Dolores park.


Hello! Valencia st.

Left turn onto cesar chavez.

Under the bridge.

Pit stop.

Once we got passed the south area of the city and approaching the SFO area, I realized one thing. There was 5 of us. This super fun ride with tremendous amounts of people that drifted away from us, the slow mellow group and into misterious dissapearingland. What?! Where is everybody, and how the hell did everybody ride so fast? I know I'm slow, but I'm not THAT slow. And how were we at the end of the group? I knew I had to be somewhere in the middle.
I was still very happy to be riding and in for a longer ride than my usual Saturday, but it all just seemed quite strange that no one was around. There was the loading-trailer crew, but they were way back there. For the most part of the ride, it was a small slow group of, I'd say 5-6 of us with with some occasional fly-by'ers.

Slow crew in full effect.

Tres amigos.

For last stretch Anna, my new slow-buddy rider and I made a few wrong turns (hello softball soccer parents in SUVs), made a quick stop in a gas station in Millbrae, rode in the middle of town in San Mateo, but we eventually made it. Reunited with the rest of the peeps, off I went to get my nerd on.

Slow riding buddy.



  1. Diggin' the butterfly in your hair, I've seen a bunch on the trail lately!

  2. Looks like you had a grand time! Nice :)

  3. I just added you on Flickr! I did the ride too, and felt exactly the same way about it. My brother and I waited for Kipp at the pit stop to buy our discounted tickets, most people didn't wait around and left then. We took off right after getting our tickets because we were trying to catch a talk at 11:30, but then we got lost! A larger group of other cyclists caught up to us and then we were all lost together for a while until Kipp caught up to us and told us how to get there. It was kind of a blundering morning and the ride was so ugly past the pit stop point. Did you end up near the airport as well? Still glad we did it, it was definitely a nice site to see all the cyclists gathered at dolores park.

  4. cyclingteachguy/ thanks! they are good conversation starters ;)

    steve/ yeah it was very cool, thanks for stopping by

    lisamarie/ awesome!! oh see, I didnt even know about the tix, I guess I knew itd be something to do once we got there :P but yeah. okay, then yes Ibeen getting some similar feedback within my peeps about it, but I couldnt agree more. the sight of a large group (at least at the start) was very beautiful. Im glad you found the pics xo♥/.m

  5. Did the butterfly's help on the hills? ;D

  6. Butterflies!! Reminds me of a vintage French bicycle poster I've seen -- though I believe the lady had less clothing on!...

  7. spider/ they spray little secret doses of coffee here and there

    lovely Bicycle!/ ha haaa! super ;D
    thanks for stopping by


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