Monday, June 1, 2009

Caffeinated faire

Caffeine is to me, what chamois butter is to Menchov. We both wear pink, we both ride on two wheels and I'm sure he gets a flat here and there as well. I'm sure he's never ridden from San Francisco to see robots in the Maker Faire. Haaa!!

Grow little tree grow. /Heart sticked added with Picnic.
Blue bottle coffee fix on Linden.


  1. Wow look at the tights on that woman!

  2. Nice analogies. A gal like me can really appreciate the dry wit ~ thanks, I needed that!

    PS...this lil' blog o' yours is sure a growin! When do you have time to work when there is so much bicycle love to be had?!

  3. Ha, love it. Also, butterflies!!

  4. fixedXorBroken/ oh thanks ;)

    sigrid/ oh Im glad you enjoy them my dear, I thought esp. you would -
    I know right?! If I only didnt have to work, I proally post 200 posts per hour- ha haaa! thanks for the sweet comments /xo

    dottie/ ♥thanks doll!!

  5. Is that Roy lichtenstein on your legs or has somebody drioppeed me a mickey Finn

  6. Phillip, that is an excellent point and reference. Im super smiling.
    more on those thights coming soon ;D


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