Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Saturday Retro Ride

Good morning.
This past Saturday I joined up with the 10 speed retro crew, as I like to call them. Mellow pace, coffee brake, Paradise loop in Tiburon and a few hours of good riding, chatting and checking out each other's steel frames. We made a pit stop at the bike swap and then headed out for some riding. More riders join in and out throughout Marin. A ride where down-shifters, wool jerseys and beautiful scenery ruled!

Post-coffee in Tiburon

The boys. Mt.Tam is staring at me...

In front of me. Some mellow cute tourist girls. and Eric.
Behind me. Not many scuba steves droids (that talk in 'left!' yelling language)were anywhere to be seen.
Rare for a saturday AM.

Wrapped around my home state flag.

old. new. old.


  1. Oh, makes me wanna come over and go riding with you guys ... so beautiful *sigh*

  2. "scuba steve droids"
    ha! love it.
    wish I had a ride like that,
    but it'ld just be me & two guys probably....

  3. hey meli,

    unrelated (so no worries about not posting this comment), but i put the photos of you up on fashioni.st!


    i think you look great! thanks for posing. we should get together and think of a good project that will work for both our blogs. maybe as simple as a week of riders + bikes?

    also, you can contact me at mai [at] fashionist.

    thanks again.


  4. Gracias!!!

    porque contigo estoy conociendo San francisco en bicicleta!

    Saludos M e l i g r o s a. :D

  5. I love riding through Tiburon. The looks you get from drivers is priceless : )

  6. groover/ we'll be here when you visit again and some coffee too, okay

    betty mtn/ Im lovin it!

    libertyonbikes!/ Im sure there are more, it takes one to start the ride and you shall find ;D

    mai/ super♥'s to you!!!

    francisca/ me parece muy bien, me da mucho gusto. mil saludos

    adrienne/ meh. crankie tigers. they wont be getting coffee at the end. We will.


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