Monday, August 3, 2009

7 Hills of Hells yeah.

San Franciscans can climb hills. How do you ride in SF with all those hills? This is how.
I always say there's a way around them, there is. One block or two can make a difference. But once a year the infamous Seven Hells Bike Tour takes place and is all about taking these bad boys straight up. I had never felt like I was capable of doing this, really.

It all began with the headlands ride a few months ago, letting my bike take me the top. Letting my bike open that can of curiosity, wondering if I could just climb one more hill, while at the same time contributing to this bike-confidence that I wouldn't imagine was there. It is very rewarding to have such terrific views, and having a whole group of riders is alongside and taking these hills in such fearless fashion is pretty inspiring.

I was okay thinking that I might have to walk up some hills, but I found that it was a pain in the butt to haul my Frenchie up a steep hill anyhow, so I just rode the whole way thru. Of course I had to stop a few times, my legs and arms were pretty much ready to go, but it was my lungs that were about to jump out of my body (cardio?! what the hell is that!!?) but anyways, I survived.

I think this is so far the craziest ride I have done so far. Yeah, I broke a sweat and it kicked my ass.

If you live, ride or are familiar with the mean hills of our beloved city, you can see the detailed route: here. Otherwise, here is my description of my view in pictures. After trying to catch up, I finally joined the ride towards maybe halfway thru, on top of the PacHeights stop at Divisadero and Broadway. A nice group of about 20-30 riders throughout the ride, a coffee pit top included at the Ferry building and about. So here they are. Enjoy!

Pac Heights-Divis & Broadway> Ride on Broadway to the top of tunnel> Hyde st> California st>
Ferry Bldg> Embarcadero> King st> 3rd st> 16th st> 21st> HELL!! clipper> MORE HELL>
Ride up Twin Peaks: Pretty view. The end

Pat was the only other women rider in this year's ride and she is in terrific shape!!

Dan the hill man. He is the ride organizer.

hill troopers. Here the plan is to heading towards nob hill then dropping down to the ferry bldg.

Broadway traffic. Everyday traffic jams like these, Im all for it.

On California st. With the Bay Bridge peaking out the middle.

Bad to the bone.

Embarcadero, heading towards mission bay /3rd st.

This is the hill climbing not-so-secret dose. A 2x iced americano from the Peets at the ferry bldg.

Fog followers. 16th st. approaching 8th st.

THIS is hell. It is. known as 21st. eerrrrrr

My twin peaks buddy. We chatted most of the way up :)

The fog lurks in fast.

Omar, Frank, Greg y Devin.

I borrowed the below group picture from Frank. He has a great set with everyone's pain game face on, see his Flickr set [here]. These are the survivors of the ride, as he calls it.

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It was worth the haul up hill, as we enjoyed a typical view of a San Franciscan summer afternoon from the top of twin peaks. You look one way it's sunny and as you look the other way the fog is already slapping you with drizzle on your face. Hells yeah. Ride on everybody, it was super fun /xo♥m


  1. This is great! Cyclists in SF are tough! Check out for a recent post about Bixi-style bike sharing from Montreal coming to SF. Some posters have asked about the practicality of biking on SF's hills.

  2. *jealous and impressed*

  3. Meli!!! you are so hard core and beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Love the hills and the pain.....ride on!

  5. Nick/ thanks for the head up, I had seen the post & I checked out the bikes this past sunday. Those bikes would get you around *most parts of the city. meant for shorter trips, I think they would do great. Take it from a daily SF rider ;)

    whatisaw/ ;)))

    ridingpretty/ (blushing) ♥oh thanks so much my darling

    cyclingteacher/ thx! hey & welcome back from your vacay!!

  6. Cool! Did you ride down any of the hills? That might be wild too.

  7. Looks like so much fun over there


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