Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brad snaps.

Hi Brad!
put your hands up!
put your hands up!

Ran into Brad in action last week, when we both bumped into the Reid Brothers Architecture ride. I have been following his blog for a some time, so it was quite nice to finally meet him in person. His blog documents the city and beautifully captures it in a very open, raw way, as if it omits its sounds on purpose and allows you to place your own score to it, your own script and subtitles. Black and white, color, you choose.

Check out his blog here: City Snaps

And below is his result from the picture I took of him above.

photo property of Brad | citysnaps.net

- - - - -
Fish eye lens in action – it was great meeting you Brad & thanks for sharing the awesome picture!


  1. Brad, you take very nice pictures!

  2. This is such a great photo! Love!

  3. Thanks Meli - enjoyed bumping into you on Market! And I also enjoy checking out your blog!


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