Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Get it off your chest.

Sometime around 1997, a girlfriend and I had ditched school and went to the record store. On one of days (ok, this happened often) I bought some music I don't recall now, local zines & 2 magazines starting with the letter B, I had never seen before. BUST and Bitch. I remember reading this article on PJ Harvey and 10,000 maniacs and of course some very cool stuff to read for when I got grounded. Both magazines have evolved and I am happy to see both of them around and not gone. Very cool

So, now I'm going to shamelessly let you know I'm in a magazine. It's BUST.
The beloved Frenchie – the motobecane astra that has become the vehicle and my shrink of confidence everyday– this steel beauty, gets some love. yay!
Picture 57
February/March 2010 issue posted at bitsandbobbins.com

and this is a photo of the page by my friend eric :-)
meli in bust magazine

Many gracias to the fabulous lady behind bits and bobbins and creator of the wonderful Wardrobe Remix, Tricia Royal. I was pretty flattered when she contacted me about this and also I think is super rad that the beautiful America Ferrera is on the cover & those hearts!!!!

We had fun doing the shoot. The photo was taken in Alamo square (you know, those postcard houses) and it even though it looks quite dry when the sun even came out for a bit, then we got some freak flash rain, crazy. Thought I'd share
Lucy, the photographer. Very cool lady.

What makes me happy is the exposure of the bike, the cities we live in and that being dressed 'normal' and a woman is no longer that rare. We don't need crazy get-ups (cute shoes are not consider crazy! he hee), fancy gadgets or man-lead long distance groups, to be part of the bicycle culture. We are here, and we are ready to ride, with our normal clothes and our happy faces. We move forward, sometimes make friends along the way ‹I have met amazing women that are now best of friends›, discover new places in town, enjoy the great smells from the bike lane (ok in SF, often not-so-great at all), climb hills, fall, bleed, sweat, learn to dodge doors and learn everyday that really it is not hard, to move around with your bicycle.
And dress up? sure why not! give it a try :D
Velcro approves
and my wicked cat Velcro approves.

- - - -
Gracias Lucy, Tricia y BUST – and all of you.
♥ much love / meligrosa ♥


  1. Meli - this is amazing! Congrats on getting in such a cool magazine and having such a lovely photo taken. I'm proud to know you! :)

  2. my wife just got her issue of BUST yesterday and i was flipping through it. she was a bit surprised when i said, "Hey, i know her!" well, i don't really know you, but i've been lurking for a while.

    that's a great shot, you look fantastic, and you're right about the bike being almost as central to the shot as you are. I'm glad you also mentioned what your bike was wearing! :)

    keep it up!

  3. many thanks san, ur a sweetheart <3333

    JPTwins/ oh awesome! thanks for lovely comments +stopping by. I just saw your post of riding with your kids - so cool! cheers ;-)

  4. aaaahhhh! this is so awesome!!!

    congrats meli! you have stellar style!

  5. very very cool. Off to go find a copy right away!

  6. Awesomeness! Great story and photos. Congrats and keep on inspiring.

  7. I think Velcro is impressed!

  8. Glad you found a moment of sun and the photographer came prepared for rain. Well done!

  9. wow!! brill! looking lovely as ever, full of creativity!! like Velcro me muchos approve... si si :)

  10. meli, you get more awesome every day. And you look so relaxed and chic in the photo! I didn't know you were a graphic designer... so am I! cheers patrick

  11. Hey! I just found the link to your blog from the article about you. Lovely outfit and lovely blog. I look forward to reading more!

  12. what next? I see perhaps a golden bicycle designed into a sidewalk near fisherman's wharf with your name flashing in lights. and everyone getting their picture taken kneeling down next to it because "hey! i saw that girl riding around town yesterday on our way out to alcatraz!"

    seriously - very cool, your star keeps shining brighter. ride on...

  13. esuper nice, meli! you look fabulous and you represent.

  14. This is awesome! Fabulous picture of you and Frenchie. Bust is my favorite magazine and I almost bought this issue at a bookstore while on vacation, but decided to wait until later. I would have absolutely squealed if I had opened the mag to see you there. Very cool.

  15. Big congratulations, Meli!

    That's a seriously awesome photo!

  16. Mozel tov meli! Well deserved.

  17. How exciting for you Meli! I remember how exciting it was to get a blurb in Bust back in March 2009. Also so happy to have a Bust Bike DIY pdf. file to give out to my readers as well. Bust is great!
    You and Frenchie look just fabulous by the way!

  18. KT/ merci amour!!!

    kimberly/ oh thanks so much lovely! thx for stopping by :D

    mamaVee/ awww <333

    Christa/ I appreciate it much, thx! christa!!

    Lee/ velcro believes that anything onthe floor should contain catnip, think she was also confused... ;-)

    Cameron/ It was a fun experience for sure! and thanks so much for you comments +dropping by!

    patrick/ gracias -so very much!- and yes, that is just my cover name for caffeinated ninja on wheels, ya know?! he heee

    soph!/ thanks so much! :D &yes welcome, I've also added your blog to my reader -cheers

    sigrid/ oy GF!! you are making me blush ;-)
    I've always appreciate your visits and your sincere lovely comments sig, esp. b/c I know they hit close to your bay area heart, thanks for always droppin throughout the last couple of years. much luv -m

    ramona/ woo woo SF chicas and bikes -thank you darling, now let's go ride soon k?!??

    Dottie/ Gracias very much lady :DD I was pretty excited and happy the Frenchie got some luv. Thx! <333

  19. lorenza/ grazie mile carina!!

    Brad/ thank you very much ;-)

    David/ toda raba, honey

    RidingPretty/ cool! many thanks darling and your nice comments, cheers :D

  20. So? Do we have to call your agent to get coffee? Do you have a personal assistant? So rock star! I raise my chai to the stylish girl on a sweet bike, way to go!

  21. I love the photo of you, que bella! Also love this post, the more people see that you can ride a bike and still be cute, the more riders we'll have on the streets, and the more street space will be given to bicycles! So happy to know you.

  22. i found your profile in bust! great blog!

  23. That's awesome! Congrats! You are a babe, too!!

  24. This is fantastic! Maybe I'll renew my BUST subscription ;)

  25. hey congrats Meli! Great photo too.

  26. what a lovely biking/fashionista/coffee sipping goddess! you go girl!

  27. Thanks for being such an inspiring chica!

  28. OMG I'm so excited for you! How cool, Bust is the coolest magazine! Ok I'm gushing like a teenager! So happy for you and the photo is just too rad! Yay for Melie! I'm going to tweet about this right now!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  29. Wow!!!! Congrats to ya (raises cup of caffine ).

    You light up that town.


  30. liberty on bikes! / oh my no way - ja jaaa!! you crack me up
    thanks so much for the lovely notes as always :D

    lisamarie / gracias luv! it has be a pleasure to meet you and becoming friends :D hugs!!

    slodki/ yay welcome!! :-) & many thanks!

    Diana/ *blush - thx my lovely :D

    brenda/ thanks darling

    emamd/ thank you

    fridaycyclotouriste/ im smiling because last nite while at dinner the waitress said -YES, love the colours- everyone was dressed in black! **sigh - thanks nathan :D

    conrad/ mil gracias guapo <3

    ms.elle/ oh and thank you very much ms elle -hearts!!

    maryJo/ when I told my mom she said, is your box of BUST still around? I feel like I heard a blast from the past "mom can you buy this magazine for me?!"...
    ♥ thx maryJo for your always uplifting notes, it has been great connecting with your through the years and all the lovely things we share visually and personally on the interwebz. cheers!

    gregoryyy/ gracias! lifting my americano as I type!!
    ;-) hugs

  31. I read about you in Bust and put looking your blog up on my To Do list :) Yay!

    I'm compiling a list of awesome pro-girly blogs for one of my own upcoming blog entries and yours will be one of them. I'll send you the link once it's up.



  32. That is so awesome! You look so lovely!

  33. you look so editorial, but isn't that the everyday you?.. congrats on the mag...can't wait till you have your own cover...



  34. shona/ oh thanks for your sweet note n stopping by <3
    stay in touch

    deep/ MUAHH!

    'xander/ oh my my – im flattered :DDD
    he hee, many thanks luvz!!

  35. This is an awesome feature - you and your bike look gorgeous and your message about cycling is spot on! Keep up the great work! S

  36. "I love color, and I'm willing to give things a try rather than resorting to an all-black uniform".

    What an awesome comment. Just don't say anything to Velcro! :)

    You rule!

  37. Oh and speaking of black uniforms, there is a website about that called theuniformproject.com. It has a girl wearing a black uniform dress, but with different accessories for variation and fun. She is going to have 365 different outfits, one for each day of the year!

  38. wow this is what I call fame!

    I like the photograph of the photographer. I always forget to do that...


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