Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photo de dia: Dos

Sightglass coffee | 270 7th st
♥The best way to start a Tuesday.
A Capp, followed by an americano. Can't ask for a better morning fix than a fine duo of drinks with verve love :-)

from july: freedom machines


  1. Beautiful photo - I want a shelf like the one pictured.

  2. I wonder if you get up early every day to enjoy a relaxed ride and a coffee shop stop. That would be cool. Looks like a lovely way to start every day.

  3. So, are the bikes welcome in the coffee shop? The bikes like to keep a close eye on the caffeine consumption...

  4. okay i LOVE your blog. i don't ride a bike, in fact i have a fear of riding a bike since i broke my jaw falling off one in the 5th grade, but still i cannot get enough of these photos.

    i am a new follower, great spot!

  5. charlotte/ wooden pieces and walls are all the rage around here ;-)

    JRroberts/ thanks!!

    dottie/ your wonderings are true real-life facts of my daily life, my dear. i should do a series about it. soon :D

    steve A/ acutally these two are from staff, there were about 3+ but all parked around the little space (soon to super expand). bikes are cool, this place loves them :D

    brad/ thx!!

    jessy/ wow intense. well, im glad to hear that, thx for such a sweet note :D

    spiderleg/ many thanks sweetie!


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