Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things and thoughts on Thursday: Roaming Market st.

Market place.
Market place.
I had not ridden on Market st. for more than a few weeks. I honestly think I'm too slow for the whole action deal that goes on, and I had my many years of fair share riding on Market more than a few years ago, when dresses and cute baskets were not very popular on wheels what-so-ever. Never mind mixtes, what is that? a new fixie acronym?!... well. I'm soooo glad it is 2010.

So much nicer – There are so many already visible improvements and more to come!
Over the last few years, I personally have preferred riding on Folsom or Howard. Yes I have. The streets are better paved (lately) and there are no crazies harassing you in the sky with diamonds. Just leather shops, fast cars and much more. But, often I make exceptions. This past weekend was a reminder that I can actually ride at my own pace on Market st. more often, without rushing to work (ca.2003) watching out every minute for blowing-red light fixie kids and without traffic for some blocks at a time. Change is slowly coming and lingering around for good, junkies, bikes, trendy stores, cops, meter maids, SROs, union square shoppers, cabs, weed smells, Chanel N°5 smells, financial district, Zuni and muni - along with us, the bicycles.

One day we will all dance this chaotic ballet in a wonderful unison.

Los cute beanies.
No matter the weather, you can always find them somewhere downtown / Los cute beanies.


  1. I love that little froggy hat!!

  2. This just made my day.(not because of the Panda cap).

    Just because

  3. Sorry not getting the sarcasm about "Never mind mixtes..."
    just asking?

    Not taking Market St would explain why I never have seen you.

  4. san smith - gregorry /arent they adorable?! <3333

    MAN/ mixtes were not as abundant as they are now in SF, back when I started riding my (mixte) bicycle IMO.

    and, so I assume you 'only' ride on market st. then?....
    If this blog is not every proof that I ride any given street, and every neighborhood, then I dont get your comment.
    if you rode as much, then we would've ran into each other by now. Also maybe if your profile was available would help. -Just saying

  5. the hat on the right is called Core Temperature Panda and it was the object of a scavenger hunt i was in last weekend. argh. i didn't find it in real life, but now it's on your blog. oh well, beat me to it :)

  6. Wow - Sorry

    I was NOT trying to be negative. I was honestly just asking for clarification on what you meant about the mixties and Market St. now. It was rather confusing (to me anyways) that you seemed to be making some sort of negative commentary about the mixties, baskets and dresses and yet happy with the current bike situation.

    Don't assume...No I do NOT only ride on Market St. I just am on it a lot and have been fortunate enough to recognize other local bloggers. It was NOT meant as a negative comment in the least.
    I realize you ride all over the city and beyond ...
    I was honestly thinking that it could be why I haven't seen you - as you know its a big city, but its a small town as well.

    For the record - I love your blog and have been following it from the get go and is one of the best most real "Cycle Chic" blogs out there.


  7. volker/ wowza you gotta hit me up for those scavenger things, they seem to be fun - are they photo events?!

    MAN/ you know, written comments cant express (and often mistake) a person's tonality :D

    dont be sorry, and dont think im upset or anything please!!! I know you are a longtime follower of my little blog, and I always appreciate comments very very much. and yes, i almost never ride on market street (!!) I actually consider myself too slow and happy for its average flow. he heeee.
    and if you do recognize my bike dont hesitate to say hello!

    nothing but luv, Man -cheers ;-)

  8. That frog hat would go well with Kermit (my bike squeeker). I'll have to keep my eyes peeled...


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