Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Put some butter on that wednesday.

Hey, come to what I call the-midweek-detox.
Stretch your legs, explore new turns and grow your affinity for our lovely hills on Wednesdsay nights. I had not gone to butterlap since November last year. Now I'm further back than the DFL back I was last year, even when I had gotten more used to the ride. Easy? well it isn't that easy, I don't think. But certainly worth it. Many districts, many smells, and the priceless feeling of going down the cliff house hill with almost no traffic with the sea salt sprinkles dancing on your face. Thanks you Pacific Ocean.
Come ride with us. This ride is chill.

Here are some pictures from last week, my first butterlap of 2010.
rest stop
above baker beach
ocean, if we look right, we see this: image (and that is the hill -cliff house- we ride down)
matthew + may +their buddy
Matthew, May woo. All smiles.
this is how we do VIP VIBs
meli, anchor?!
my fave bartender boy in la MisiĆ³n

And Bender's had some kind of food switch where the previous Weird Fish recipes went out or something. Not sure what the hell happend and as long as they don't stop serving Anchors or letting bikes in, we're in business. I must say, as evil as a beer and a burger look, they are wicked good. Try riding 18 miles and your appetite will be out for it. I hear some kind of whiskey-bacon burger is crazy good, but I wouldn't know.
The bean burger with the cheesy greasy yellow cheddar, is meli-approved. (+tater tots) Oh hells yes.
bender's black bean burger y cheddar
Bender's black bean burger y cheddar

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  1. Ah, that sounds amazing. The ride AND the burger.

  2. dang - i need to get my act together and try one of these wednesdays...

  3. Wow, I was good up until that last picture, now I'm STARVING!! Mmmm, black bean burger!! Nice!

    Seriously, LOVE the shots, my favorite (besides the burger, obviously) is the one of the bikes hanging from the ceiling. Kinda cool and colorful, like it!!

  4. Meli!

    Two things:

    1. Thank you SO much for the card that came in the post last week or so ago. I was so touched.

    2. That same exact week, I actually happened upon BUST magazine for the first time and was THRILLED to see you featured in there!

    Thanks again!


  5. I'm so jealous of the ride. Next time i'm in the SF area I'll have to come. The burger looks ok too!


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