Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Voltage and reflections.

Reflected voltage.
Reflective Volker.

Let's talk visibility. Here are a few snaps on how much San Francisco loves reflective things. Because our night weather is so awesome in the low 50°s (really, I don't mean to rub it in!...) and until mr. sun's curfew changes to a later time, we'll have keep riding in the dark for the most part.

Check out Volker's new reflection spoke things. Pretty awesome!
oh dude, yea my bike is reflective and stuff
lower haight.

Here we are, uber geeking out with our reflective things we call sweaters. We hearts Icebreakers.
reflective duo dorks
like we're shiny n shit

And here is a flashy flash reflectiveness in action
reflect yerselffff
reflect yerselffff

Do you have any reflective clothing? Was it hard to find, or you just came across it? Do you think it helps you decide if/or when you purchase your clothes?
This icebreaker sweater I got as a lovely birthday gift, I never really buy any sporty or "cycling" gear, but if I'm shopping for a dress or some apparel pieces, the bicycle is always in perspective – Can I pedal with this on? Will I be comfortable on my bike? Same things as to say, can I sit down, will I be flashing the world if I tie my boots, etc.
I think this reflective material is awesome, for pedestrians and for us on bicycles alike. High heel straps and reflective straps should be best friends, just like sneakers for runners are a consistent feature. Anyways, great stuff!

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  1. meligrosa thanks for your reflections on reflections! :) I seek out comfortable reflective stuff. I'm a big fan of the geeky reflective velcro leg bands, jackets with piping like yours, and seatbags and fanny packs with big reflective squares.


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