Friday, March 5, 2010


Mr. cute the I never talk to you but seeing you from afar once in awhile is enough
- Hey Meli, aww-is that Frenchie?
- um yes.
- so nice to finally meet her
- oh cool
- I read your blog.
- oh cool (insert blushing face with middle school denial attitude here)

Mr. I ride a motorcycle but have a soft-spot for bicycles
- so where are your gloves?
- I don't need gloves, its 54° out...
- what if you fall and you land on your hands? you hands will get ruined!!
- my hands?! what about my sweater - now if I have to patch it again that would be painful
- oh you and your silly sweaters
- ok, I'll see you at four barrel sometime in the future again.
- ok, meli. well you ride safe now (insert very concerned tone here - as if riding a fast motorcycle is so much less dangerous than a bicycle)

Mr. Elvis Costello-look alike barista on 8 shots of espresso by 7:30 AM
- mellliiii. wait so tell me, is that with a one L or two?
- one.
- so do you work around here?
- no.
- do you live around here?
- yes
- ok very cool. here is your triple, I'll see you soon
- thanks, dear.

Mr. I'm late for work, but I'll u turn my bicycle to stop and say hi
- meli you are taking the wrong transportation
- oh I know I'm headed to San José today.
- ah cool, meeting?
- yes. I have to show my face.
- very nice, can't wait til they finish re-paving this street, so it will be smooth and rideable
- it should be anytime soon, now. that'd be super nice
- anyways, running late for work. gotta go.
- nice seeing you too! (insert my stupid-happy face here as he rides away, thinking maybe I had that stupid-happy face the whole time we chatted–all this taking place before 830am...oh the mornings)


  1. uuuuuuuy. you wanna trade capri sun flavors? trade only tho, cause i can only give mine away to 3G types. kthx.

  2. so many boys, so little time... (as the saying goes) ;)

  3. cc/ como ves?!.. ;-)

    ctx/ only if you trade my box of nerds

    riding pretty/ you know!?! he hee :D

    lorenza/ thanks carina - same to you xo.

  4. Ah, this just makes me smile - I love the conversations.


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