Friday, March 5, 2010

El big brother.

My intention a few months ago, was to print out this open letter and perhaps deliver it to a facilities manager person or what not. Forgetting that we are in 2010 and not 1993, I posted my ramblings, thoughts and ideas here - on the interwebs.
My girl calitexican, the observative keen eye of the pack for all surrounding things and behaviours, had posted this over our Change Your Life blog. I was stoked and it raised a certain additional curiosity within me, thinking – realllllyyyyyyy ?!?!??? (insert super-good funny tonality here)

I thought well, maybe, "someone" read that post and said, hey – maybe some cute little racks in the front of the store could attract more bike shoppers that are looking for phone chargers for their devices (ultimately the one reason I had to stop at best buy in the first place) and have them park their little bikes within sight - and so it goes. Shiny new red cherry racks outside, and not next to the dumpster on the side street, where the degenerate bike thieves and their vans hang out at. argghhh.
And a tremendous thank you to el big brother, or el best buy, or red bike-rack-vendetta-for b-as-in-bikes out there. Whoever you are, you get a Bikes and The city caffeinated thumbs up. Swoon.

I'd also like to thank long-time reader Peter, for sending the photos below. I honestly was super stocked to hear it from him when he was telling me about his 'stopping at best buy and coming across these new racks' experience. I really don't mind that is a "big box store" as many people consider it, if you need a piece of gadgetry or charger and can't do the internet thing, then you got there and that is that.

Photo by Peter S.

Photo by Peter S.
The fact that Best Buy has given some thought to this issue, and actually followed through to make some changes in the bike-parking structure (because, who really wants to park to tilted handicapp pole signs – not me...) and place a number of new racks right outside their big shiny doors, is pretty cool. Maybe they had it heard it before, maybe someone had worked on this project for awhle -either way- Thanks!!


  1. Meli,
    Great pics. par usual. Frenchy posing elegantly on
    calif. st. and the bottom one of peter's is especially
    cool ! It seems that all I think about are photos
    these days..... crazy.
    Have a fun weekend.
    Go Lobos,
    Jon C.

  2. very nice of you, thanks Jon!

  3. Yes, it's nice. I stopped at Home Depot the other day, on the way to work. They don't provide bike parking because besides general carelessness, I think they don't figure anybody's going haul anything out of their store on a bike. But I did. Some long light bulbs and etc. Also, with the Dutchie having a double kickstand and a built in lock, I can park at the front door without need of something to lock it too.


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