Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Friday! - and late late nites.

Friday. Welcome, I have waited for you patiently.
Started in the early morning with people talking about earthquakes and a minor shake we had on Wednesday evening. Yes, I felt it. Did you?!
Thursday -protests everywhere. The 880 Freeway in Oakland was closed for several hours with almost 200 protesters on the freeway. Back to the city, Civic Center had protesters from 6AM until late in the evening for educational budget cuts.
A house one block away from mine caught on fire. Fire-trucks non-stop for 4 hours.
A drink? Yes, please.
Caught a text from 2 of my boys kicking it at tunnel tup. I'll be there in 5.
Frenchie California
The Frenchie takes center stage, on a very rare and quiet California street at Grant.
Thursday night.


  1. then you should come see Cory's band at Kimo's 9pm:)

  2. Man, that's a load. Nice photo. Love being downtown anywhere when the place clears out.

  3. That is a gorgeous picture! Happy weekend :)

  4. gwen/ i crashed – long week

    andy k/ yea it was magical sans traffic, really

    christy/ thanks!! same to you :D


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