Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Friday, my pretties.

Two gorgeous ladies and their awesome bikes & we ride bikes for hours. Day in, day out. ohellsyea. woot -
With this I wish you a fabulous Friday ••• TGIF ♥meligrosa
Citrus miss sunshine
Lisa Marie, cute as always. Citrus miss sunshine
Hi Kelley
Hi Kelley. Meet her new cinelli. super.


  1. Gracias muñequita! This was the day that I realized orange is now my color.

  2. happy Friday! now put away the computer and get outside!

  3. Matching frame, tires, and boots. I've never seen tires in quite that color before.

  4. orange is totes my fav color right now. shares w/ it teal.

    yay :) smiles all around.

  5. Women on bikes!:


  6. lmg/ ♥

    hyejin/ yay luv, cant wait til u meet mi bikey girlfriends :D

    'xander/ i obeyed LOL

    steve a/ ill ask her wat they are, im not quite sure myself... ;-)

    ctx/ oy teal, that one i dont think i have anything with he heee

    RJ/ awesome!! thx so much for the link :D
    great to hear from ya

  7. The tires are the "Hetre" tires by Grand Bois, they also make them in black and white (the white ones are sweet). Nice and wide, and very comfy!


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