Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo de dia: les dames Motobecane

Motobecane cousins
Motobecane cousins
That is KT's mixte in the front sporting new handlebars (woohoo!!) & the frenchie in the background.

5 years ago I didn't know and didn't really see anyone around on a mixte, on a daily basis. I was often told it was 'so cool' all my gears worked, um yea it is not a fixie...
I hardly knew what a mixte was, certainly knew I owned one and loved it.

Fast forward to today. Very cool that I have found many new women friends on bikes. awesome company with their cool rides, and they all keep on getting more mixtes. yay!
Les Motobecanes are still the very best though, and their line Astra the bestestest---- ahemmm... ;-)
♥ride on!!


  1. Cool bike! I love mixtes. Even though they are unisex frames you unfortunately don't see too many guys riding them. Rivendell has their male version of the Betty Foy, the Yves Gomez, but I haven't come across any photos from owners of this model. I am now looking for an old mixte for my daughter. I hope to find something as nice as Frenchie.

  2. Bill, PittsburghFriday, March 19, 2010

    Mixtes are the hottest thing on wheels right now, was it you said "mixtes are the new fixies"? Oh well, someone. You are cutting edge.

  3. i can think of at least two other raleigh owners (not including myself) that would like to have a mixte off. ummhmm, dasss right!

  4. myles/ cant wait! the projects get into and the bikes you have fixed up are always fascinating, please keep me posted :D

    bill/ certainly sounds like something i would say, yes... he heee
    thanks so much for the nice note, nice to hear from you bill

    ctx/ PFFTTT bring it on gurllllll, meet us at the bike racks mKAYYY...

  5. Bonjour bici! Thanks for sharing this pic of my rouge et noir!

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