Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Humpday inspiration: Tandem tango.

Seeing a tandem on the streets brings me an immediate smile, no matter the place, the mood, the situation. Receiving this email from Walter, made my smile so big time – and here is to share that bliss with all of you.
QFC! ‹as in QUE-FREAKIN-CUTE› *term coined by your glitteratti duo calitexican et moi.
♥Thanks so much for sharing, you lovely duo!!

This, and the two photos below, by Walter
the cutest... ever.
by Walter

"A disgustingly cute, bikable valentine's day date:
Not being from SF, alexandra had no bike here, so we went on a long ride on this tandem bike. we tied balloons to it! coffee, gg park, ocean, pillow fights, dolo park range. but to be clear: it was
purely coincidental that we were dressed the same. That was too much, i know, and i've apologized. but makes it even more disgustingly cute. our friends drinking tecate in the park *said* it was so cute.

i learned that everyone loves a tandem bike on valentines day. she learned that biking is in fact the best way to go anywhere in san francisco."


with coffee in hand, sincere thanks for your readership ×