Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Speaking of tandems.

And if you thought butterlap was hilly and somewhat hard (ok, well it is kinda...) how is a tandem to answer your doubts +++CHECK+++
Of course, had to be the deepsaurus way and his lovely lady friend. None the less

hellowwww we have arrived
hellowwww - we have arrived
cheeeeeeese. so adorable!!

And the reward for all this, well many things, good things. They all happen on the mid-week detox for the mind-&-body ride, as I like to call it –
coast. race. go!
coast. race. go! on Clement st.
car glow
studio-bright lights for a quick photo in the pitch-black legion of honor, brought to you by cars.

volker put brightness behind him
bright ideas while you take a break.
multiple smiles. like non stop. calitexicheeeeeese
stupid happy
and like stupid happy - too.
likey the shirt
...and random guys with stupid funny shirts.

OMG. yes.
ADM yes. TATER TOTS con cheese – get your own!!
thesee tater tots are yummmmmm
because if someone doesn't wanna share, we will get some when they are not looking.


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